On this page I have included the sites that will help answer your questions about the proper way to do MLA intext citations as well as how to make your works cited page following the MLA format!

Here is a great Prezi designed by Mrs. McCall that helps you with paper writing.MLA Prezi
What is a thesis statement?
Princeton University cite explaining when you need to use citations: Princeton EDU
Here is a site explaining the proper ways to use intext citation based on the MLA style:
intext citation
Note: You must cite direct quotes and any information that you include that is considered not common knowledge. For example.
"George Washington learned to become a great leader during the French and Indian War"....must be cited since it is a direct quote. When using a direct quote that is 4 lines or longer...follow the MLA rules for a "long quote". There are different rules on how you cite this with intext citation.

Only quote when you think the quote is really important. Otherwise it is better to paraphrase the information and cite.

George Washington was the first president.....is common knowledge and does not need to be cited but...
George Washington was a member of the fraternal organization known as the Masons......is not common knowledge and should be cited.

Note: Always cite statistics unless you yourself actually calculated the statistics.

Here is another site showing how to do your works cited page properly. Follow the directions to a "T"!
works cited
and another really good one here ...more "in text citation" examples

Upper Dublin English Department examples of intext citation and a properly done works cited page: